Communication Is A Key To Successful Marketing

public-speakingYour personal success and growth of your business both depend on marketing – and marketing depends on communication. The most commonly used form of communication between people is speaking – it’s a vital part of delivering powerful, memorable presentations that move people to take action.

It’s sad – and true – that far too many business people lose far too much business because they deliver crushingly boring and totally unmemorable presentations.

Delivering performances that are engaging and memorable is the key to persuading an audience to take action. It’s the key to a step change improvement in your conversion ratio and it’s the key to bolstering your own reputation as an expert in your chosen field.

Chris Davidson is one of Europe’s leading inspirational speakers and communication coaches. His book, “Successful Speaking Secrets Quick Reference” won the Business-Sales category of the International Book Awards in Los Angeles in 2010. Chris’ clients range from diverse niche companies, to well known names, such as Ernst & Young, HSBC, EMC and Virgin.

Chris has developed a unique methodology for ensuring that the key messages in your presentations are remembered. The methodology combines, what you say with how you say it; where you stand on stage when you say it and how you illustrate it. Get all these synchronised with each other and you have a winning performance.

Chris’ latest multimedia programme is called “Be Memorable Sell More”.

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