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ProcrastinationOne of the definition of the word Procrastination is delay or postpone action, put off doing something. Regret this bad habit stops so many people to achieve their goals, to build successful businesses online or offline.

So, what you need to do to get over your bad habit of procrastination?

I discovered very interesting thoughts and advices given by Matt Lloyd in his article named “The Head Trash That Keeps You From Making Millions (and How to Get Rid of It)” and I decided to share it with you here.

“Today … we’re going deep.

Rather than talk about some shiny tactic to making some fast money online (which is what you probably want) I’m going to give you something far more important—something you need to hear.

It’s the one thing that rules all others in determining if you go on to create the life of your dreams with an online business … or if you continue to get miserable-average results.

It’s the internal conversations you have with yourself.

You see, I’ve always been fascinated with human psychology.

Before dropping out of university in 2009 after my 4th year to do internet marketing full time … I’d been studying psychology (combined with business.)

What always fascinated me most about psych, was how 2 separate people could be born in to similar conditions …

…. with similar financial means, similar education, and similar family’s …

… yet one of them could grow up to be just ‘average,’ and the other could go on to become a billionaire.

What the hell happened in between for each person?

How does one person out produce another by a factor of several thousand?

We used to talk about this in those psychology classes.

It was the old nature vs. nurture argument.

Was a person’s success and character a result of something internal (they learned how to become successful), or, a result of them being molded by their external environment (they were born wired for success.)

Was it a combination of both?  And if so, which of the two attributed the most?

A lot of people (usually those who don’t want to take full responsibility for their life) like to say it’s mostly environment.

They’re the people who like to blame ‘the economy’ for their lack of financial results.

They’re the people who like to blame their parents for personal flaws.

They’re the people you meet who always seem to be going through some little drama, where they are the victim.

In other words, their belief is that the external world is happening to them, they are helpless to control it – they are just ‘reacting.’

strongly disagree with them.

I think a person’s results in life are due a lot more to internal factors—what is going on inside their head.

We create our results in life, plain and simple.

And that includes business results.

You want to make $10,000 / day from an online business?

It’s entirely possible. It is VERY possible.

Will it take some dramatic changes in the way you think about time … about creating money … about how the world works? Yes, absolutely.

But it can be taught. It can be learned.

I’m speaking from personal experience. There used to be a time when $1,000 / day was an extreme concept for me—it sounded like a lot of money.

Some serious changes needed to occur in how I thought and behaved for that to become a reality.

Then more changes in my thoughts were needed to get from $1,000 / day, to $10,000 / day.

Major, major changes—complete paradigm shifts were needed.

I’m working towards having a company that does over $1,000,000 / day—and to do that, I know my paradigms will seriously need to be altered yet again.

Your beliefs and thoughts can be molded in order to manifest certain results in life.

And the very first step to changing anything, is to understand that nothing is fixed, and that you can change.  Without that belief … you may as well not take another step down the path of becoming an entrepreneur.

It’s that important.

Let’s hone in on one of the more important internal factors:

Your Self Identity

If I ask you, “Are you an internet marketer?” What would you say to me?

Would you say something like, “No, I’m just a newbie at this …”

If I ask you to tell me about your business, how would you respond?

Would you say, “Well … I’ve got this online business thing I do on the side kinda as a hobby, I’ve been at it now for several months … haven’t made any money with it yet though.”

What if I asked you to speak on stage at one of my live internet marketing events … could you see yourself doing that?

Or, would you immediately say, “I’m not someone who could speak in front of crowds and teach this—I’m nowhere near ready for that yet …”

Let’s talk about lifestyle—can you realistically see yourself traveling all over the world to some of the top destinations, and having an online business fund it all which you work at a few hours a day from your laptop?

Can you see yourself driving the car of your dreams?  Or is that just a ‘dream’—something that would be nice to have, but will probably never come true?

Many people want the big checks, the fancy car, the nice home … they want the ‘internet marketing lifestyle.’

Yet deep down internally, they don’t see themselves as having the identity of someone who attracts those kind of things into their life.

Most aspiring online entrepreneurs have extremely limiting self identities when it comes to money and their business.  You can hear it when they themselves and their current stage in life:

“I’m just a stay at home mum, what can I do?”

“I’m in my 60s and barely know how to use the internet … I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

Here was mine from back in 2009:

“I’m just 22, with no real business experience – most of my prospects are twice my age—who is going to take me seriously?”

And another:

“I can barely speak in front of a class when doing an oral assignment – I’ll never be one of those people who can go up on stage at the internet marketing seminars and speak to crowds.”


“I don’t have any of the charisma or confidence that all the top earners and gurus seem to have—who’s ever going to want to learn from me?”

After almost 2 years of spinning my wheels with no results to show, my new identity started to become:

“I haven’t been able to figure this out after all this time—why will the future be any different?  I just don’t seem to have the ability to execute or focus like successful internet marketers do.”

Thankfully, right around that time when those beliefs were becoming deeply ingrained, my turning point arrive—money started showing up.

Soon, the proof was stacking up that I could do this—and not only could I do it, I could do it very well.

If your self identity is different to the person you need to be in order to achieve success, then guess what:  You’re going to have a hard time achieving success.

Getting results is much more about the person you become (the new self identify you create) in order to attract the results (and the subsequent actions that person would automatically take), than it is about implementing a bunch of tactics.

The million dollar question to ask yourself is:

“Are my current set of self identities empowering me to achieve great things?  Or are they keeping me stuck at my current level?”

Let me give you an example from my personal life …

A family member of mine has very limiting financial beliefs—and has for virtually all her life.

When talking to her about becoming wealthy, the typical response I get is:

“I’ll probably never be wealthy, and I’m ok with that …”

Clearly she is not ok with it, because otherwise she wouldn’t do things like keep buying lottery tickets—and I wouldn’t have seen so many arguments / emotional outbursts growing up that were started due to a lack of money.

For YEARS … I tried to change her belief that she couldn’t get wealthy.

I tried to get her to at least look at online affiliate marketing, and what I was doing.  I wanted to show her how to do it.

At first she automatically didn’t take me seriously, because she looked at my own results—and  I had none.

In those early years I soon learned to keep quiet about my business because most people did nothing but criticize—rarely did anyone encourage me.

Most automatically assumed I was caught up in some online scam and looked at me like I was naive.

So for years, my response to the question, “How’s the business going?” was just, “Fine.”

But about a year back, I started letting on to a few people close by that I was doing well.

That included this particular family member.

Wanting to attempt to change her beliefs about money again, I had to tell her (putting aside any modesty) —“I’m really, really good at this—I can show you how to do this.  I can literally sit down with you and show you what I’m doing …”

I was happy to give her all the time she needed … and I was confident I could teach it to her. This is what I do after all—I train others how to build online businesses.

But no matter what …  she just wasn’t interested.

She just didn’t believe she could ever do it—so she wouldn’t even try.

It actually infuriated me.

Have you ever known that you could HELP someone, and done everything you could to help them—and had them not listen to a word you say?

The truth is, some people just have self identities that are so fixed—so concreted in—that it’s near impossible to change them externally.

You can lead a horse to water … but you can’t make it drink.

Only the horse can decide to do that. Doesn’t matter how much you talk into its ear … or whether you physically grab it’s head and thrust it towards the water and say “here, now drink!”

It’s near impossible to externally change others.

I can sit here in my office in Kuala Lumpur and send you my emails, write blog posts, put on training webinars, make videos, host live events, tell you to buy my training programs and implement them … and do everything possible to show you how this is done.

But, if your underlying belief is “I’m just not someone who will ever be good at internet marketing” then it’s all useless.

I can’t change you.

Only you can do that.

And it requires that you ‘snap out of’ the mold you have put yourself in.

Those self identities you’ve created for yourself are just that; creations.

You and I adopt these identities as a result of certain episodes in our lives—and because of the rewards they provide for us.

At some level, they offer us a psychological pay-off.

Saying, “I’ll never be the sort of person who makes videos and puts them online to sell courses because that’s just not me” has a reward.

It means you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Saying, “I just can’t seem to focus on one thing in my online business” allows you to feed the more primitive part of your brain that loves to be distracted, jumping from one thing to the next, and not having to concentrate on the seemingly more boring / more difficult important work.

So how do you change these limiting self-identities?

Step one, is believing you can change them.

This belief separates successful and unsuccessful people in business.

One group of people in society think that ‘life happens’ to them and they react.

The second group believes that people create their own circumstances.

Let me talk about this for a second because it’s so important …

My greatest discovery early on in life, was that I could create my own results.

That included my own financial results—I can trace the forming of that belief to a very specific childhood memory.

I was 10 years old.  My brother was 12.

We grew up on a farm, where the nearest town was about 15 miles away, and had a population of around 40 people.

The main road at the end of our driveway would have a car driving past about once every 2 minutes.

So we set up a potato shop.

We spray paint two pieces of tin with big letters which read, ‘Spuds 4 Sale.’

About half a mile either side of our driveway we lean them against road signs.

Mum went and bought the potatoes for us at first to help us get started … while we planted a bunch of them in the garden to grow our own—they were going to take a few weeks to grow and we wanted to get going with our new business venture.

My brother then rides his bike home to get something … I’m there alone, standing next to the mailbox.

And a car actually pulls in to our driveway.

It’s just me … I’m very nervous because this is kind of an unnatural thing—selling something.

I actually wonder, “Are me and my brother allowed to do this?”

It’s a kind elderly couple … they wind down their window, and the man asks, “How much are your potatoes young man?”

I tell them a bag is $2.

They buy 3, and give me real cash—real, colorful, Australian cash—in exchange for those potatoes.

It’s an incredible feeling.

Someone gave me money!

I get this rush from it … it was my first taste of being an entrepreneur.

We go on to have 3 customers that day.

We make $11.

I remember excitedly telling my dad that night … “If we can do this for 10 days in a row that will be $100!”

A seed was planted in my mind in that moment—the idea that “it’s possible for me to create money from an idea.”

I started to identify myself as being an entrepreneur, and good at business.

So as I grew older, I had confidence in making money because of a fundamental belief that my financial circumstances were NOT fixed.

They could be changed. And I could change them.

This entire identity was strongly challenged in my first 2 years of internet marketing … because of all of the struggle.

I went from having extreme confidence in my ability to make and save money … to seriously questioning whether I had what it takes.

Seeing $70,000 of your life savings drain out of your bank account over 2 years with virtually nothing coming in tends to do that to you.

But then the turning point came in late 2011, and that belief came back stronger than ever.

I had my first $15,000 month … then December 2011, it was $45,000 … and then January 2012, $81,000 … I still remember the revenue numbers and the months off the top of my head, because it was such an exciting time.

Now back to you: After you realize you can change your self-identities, then you must first identify what they currently are.

Do you believe you’re someone who’s good with money? Are you good at selling? Are you good with numbers?  Are you good at business?

Are you able to learn new skills easily? Do you see yourself as someone who’s good at promoting different products / services, and as someone who’s comfortable doing so?

If you’re answering ‘No’ to any of those questions, ask yourself why …

Was there an event that happened early on in life that led you to adopt that belief?

Were you bought up that way? Do most of your friends and family share those beliefs?

What possible reward(s) could you be getting for having those beliefs?

Example: If you’re standing on the outskirts of internet marketing and observing, you might believe that the entire industry of internet marketing is mostly a big scam—this is a common one.

Let me tell you something that’s a fact though:  most of the people who go around saying everything’s a scam are actually people who are either incapable of implementing (rare)—or not willing to implement (most common)—and rather than admit their own failures and take full responsibility, they take a more ego-protecting route and blame everyone else.

Hence, the belief; “internet marketing is mostly a scam and I’m a victim—it’s not my fault.”

Consider very carefully that there’s your perceived reality …

… and then there’s reality.

Our perceived reality can be (and most often is) very different to what is actually true and fact.

So once you’ve identified your underlying beliefs about money and business and realized they are not helping you—you need to start adopting new ones.

This is easier said than done.

These new beliefs need to be repeated to yourself over, and over again.

It won’t feel natural at first.  But you have to force yourself to think them.

You will start to believe them with enough repetition.

And, when you begin to manifest new results from those new beliefs, those results start to stack up ‘evidence’ that the original beliefs were not real in the first place—and that the new ones are.

Another way to change beliefs, is to reinterpret your perceived ‘weaknesses’ or reasons for not wanting to do something in more favorable ways.

I used to believe I could never be good at making videos, or presenting on a stage at a live event—I felt uncomfortable doing both, and it showed.

After awhile though, I started to reinterpret my perceived ‘weaknesses’ as being ‘strengths.’

Example: while I didn’t have the charisma of many of ‘the gurus,’ I realised that could actually be a good thing—because most people were so tired of hearing from slick presenters who seemed to have all the right words, and found that my style of delivery was more authentic.

It was refreshing for the market, and people appreciated the genuineness (Tip: Stop trying to come across as some ‘guru’ in your marketing—just be the real you.)

Lastly, you can change beliefs by changing your environment.

Look at the environment you’re currently in, and see if it’s reinforcing those misguided beliefs. Then change it.

Example:  the media.

Just about everything you hear from the media about business and doing well in business is pure BS.

It really is.

Mostly it’s fear-driven garbage designed to just grab your attention for a couple minutes.

I suggest you stop watching the news (and TV); I haven’t watched it in years.

Look at the current people you hang around with. Do they support you? Are they optimists? Do they think in terms of abundance when it comes to money and achievement?

Or do they whine about the economy … their boss … everything—and pull you down with them?

Your environment does affect you and your output. No doubt about it.

So consciously craft your environment so it’s in line with where you want to go in life.

Limit your time spent with the wrong people. Get around the right people, by attending masterminds /events with other entrepreneurs.

To Wrap This Up:

AtitudeRarely does someone’s lack of success in internet marketing have anything to do with the training, the system, or the tactics being taught.

It has everything to do with the person and what is going on inside their head.

I know this to be fact, because I’ve personally paid out tens of MILLIONs of dollars of commissions to people all around the world.

The people who receive that money are ordinary people.

ALL of them at one point were new to building an online business, and they were able to figure this out.

They were given the same tools / systems / training as everyone else.

I also see thousands of others who get started and have no results.  They make practically nothing.

What’s the difference?

It’s all psychology.

And you are completely in control of what thoughts you think, and what beliefs you choose to adopt.

So consciously choose the right ones, persist with them, and watch as your entire reality begins to change.

It’s not easy to do … but it will have a bigger impact on your results than anything else—trust me on that.”

I hope it will help you in your business and in your life.


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